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 About Eden Prison

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About Eden Prison IgPIM2D
A detention facility and correction center where most of the Flora Islands' convicted criminals are held and rehabilitated. Their crimes range in scope and severity, but at the end of the day, they all serve their time together. The prison is guarded by several walls topped with barbed wire and electrical fencing, with Pokémon and officers always patrolling the premises. The lower-level criminals are kept in general population, while the most dangerous are kept in isolated maximum security. Facilities include a mess hall and prisoner-run kitchen, infirmary, communal showers, small library, and a large rec yard. Both men and women are housed together within the same facilities. Individual cells are barred, with just a toilet, sink, concrete bed, and four inch wide window. Pokémon belonging to inmates are kept in Pokéballs in a special storage room, and with special privileges, some prisoners may be able to interact with their Pokémon for a small period of time a day.
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About Eden Prison
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