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 Flora Challenge

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PostSubject: Flora Challenge   Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:06 pm

To prove yourself as the greatest trainer on the Flora Islands, you must first defeat the eighteen masters before being allowed the honor of challenging the champion.
The Masters
Blaire Fields
Master of Normal
Josiah Fintan
Master of Fire
Naomi Lake
Master of Water
Aeron Cloud
Master of Electric
Chloe Hood
Master of Grass
Eirwen Alpin
Master of Ice
Erik Caedmon
Master of Fighting
Morrigan Leto
Master of Poison
Faris Qamar
Master of Ground
Aderyn Fowler
Master of Flying
Sophia Paget
Master of Psychic
Cedric Ness
Master of Bug
Song Jin Li
Master of Rock
Elizabeth Marion
Master of Ghost
Artemius Drake
Master of Dragon
Damian Dunn
Master of Dark
William Vass
Master of Steel
Pari Faye
Master of Fairy
You may face the masters in any order you choose and take as long as you like between battles. If you defeat a master, you will receive a badge as a token of your victory and proof of your worthiness. However, if you are defeated even once, your challenge is over. Once defeated, you must wait three months before starting your challenge over again—always from the very beginning.

If you defeat all the masters in a row, you may brave Victory Road on your road to the champion. Triumph, and you will be crowned as the new champion and greatest on the Flora Islands. Lose, and your journey ends. You have to wait another three months before trying again, and again, you must defeat all the masters in your path.

Do you have what it takes?
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Flora Challenge
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