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 Team Creation

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PostTeam Creation

Criminal teams are a staple of Pokémon, and there's no exception here. Nowhere's perfect, and an active criminal undercurrent is an unfortunate part of life here on the Flora Islands.

[b]Team Name:[/b]
[b]Team Symbol:[/b]
[b]Team Uniforms:[/b]
[b]Preferred Types:[/b] if any

[b]Main HQ:[/b]
[b]Starting Island:[/b]


To create a team, you need a stated goal or objective (even if it's shallow as making money), a leader, and at least four admins/officers (consisting of at least five roleplayers total). Your team's goal doesn't necessarily have to be criminal or evil in nature.
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Team Creation :: Comments

Re: Team Creation
Post on Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:31 pm by Pikachu
Team Name: Team Emerald
Team Symbol: Emerald Gem
Team Uniforms: White with green piping military outfits
Preferred Types: Nothing, whatever is strong

Leader: Marianne Achterburg
Officers: OPEN
Main HQ: Emerald 'Village' - A remote town that runs a perfectly legal pokemon breeding/fighting facility on the surface, but underneath it's the openly known base of Team Emerald.
Starting Island: Plumeria

Goal: Money making. They run purely for profit

Team Creation

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