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 Contest System

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PostSubject: Contest System   Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:42 am

The flip side of the Pokémon world! It's not all battles and violence, ladies and gentlemen. This is a homebrew system with some major differences from contest mechanics in the games, so bear with me.

There are 4 rounds in a contest. Only one Pokémon can be entered.

For turn order, lower ranked coordinators go first and higher ranked coordinators go last. When there are multiple coordinators of the same rank, turn order is determined by winning streak.  If turn order is still muddled, there will just be a random order.

Using a priority move (such as Extreme Speed or Sucker Punch) will allow a coordinator to jump up one space in the turn order during the contest.

A rank determines your pre-established skill and popularity as a coordinator. Ranks will give you a starting boost in score which will give you a leg-up against less well known opponents.

Normal Rank: +0 score. Unknown.
Great Rank: +25 score. Notable.
Ultra Rank: +40 score. Well-known.
Master Rank: +60 score. Superstar territory.

To move up a rank, you must either win 10 major contests against your peers or win 3 major contests against coordinators from higher ranks.

To win a contest, a coordinator must earn a higher score than all other opponents. Score is earned through appeal, which are analogous to attacks. A Pokémon must use moves to charm, dazzle, and win over the voters in the audience.

10p - 20 appeal
15p - 22 appeal
20p - 24 appeal
25p - 26 appeal
30p - 28 appeal
35p - 30 appeal
40p - 32 appeal
45p - 34 appeal
50p - 36 appeal
55p - 38 appeal
60p - 40 appeal
65p - 42 appeal
70p - 44 appeal
75p - 46 appeal
80p - 48 appeal
85p - 50 appeal
90p - 52 appeal
95p - 54 appeal
100p - 56 appeal
Anything higher - 86 appeal

Using the same move twice in a contest will lower that move's appeal by 20, so beware.

Non-damaging moves that inflict status conditions or lower an opponent's stats are categorized as jamming moves. Jamming moves will not add to the user's score, but instead will subtract from a rival's score.

All jamming moves will take away 50 from a target's score.

Non-damaging moves that boosts the user's stats are categorized as boosting moves. These do not add to the score on their own, but instead set-up for critical combinations. Each move used after a boosting move will provide +20 in appeal.

If a coordinator peaks over 225 points by the end of the final round in the contest, they are allowed to display a fifth signature move to cap off their performance. Finishers provide +45 in appeal.

Winning Streak
For every contest win in a row, moves will get a +5 boost in appeal in the next contest. This bonus is removed after the winning streak is snapped, but can be built back up again when another streak is started.
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Contest System
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