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 School Dance Plot [Characters Needed!]

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PostSubject: School Dance Plot [Characters Needed!]   School Dance Plot [Characters Needed!] EmptyWed Oct 26, 2016 4:46 pm


So this site has been practically dead for the past month or so, and one amazing way to solve said problem is to start a quick plot!


So basically at Flora Academy, at this point in the year, there is an annual dance and pretty much everyone attends. This includes my character Hailey (who is for most of time a studious recluse). She goes with a bunch of her friends (NPCs or actual characters if people are willing). After a while her friends dare her/pressure her into saying something stupid/mean to someone else. Hailey is ultimately forced to do so, and feels miserable about it. She awkwardly leaves the dance and avoids said person and her friends for a few days before she decides to apologize for her actions saying that she was pressured into it. At this point it is up to the other person on how they react. Do they get angry and hater her? or are they sympathetic and friendly? Its up to you!

Characters Needed:

Person Hailey Talks To:

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Hailey's Friends:

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School Dance Plot [Characters Needed!]
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