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 Twitch's Pokemon (WIP)

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Twitch's Pokemon (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Twitch's Pokemon (WIP)   Twitch's Pokemon (WIP) EmptyMon Sep 12, 2016 3:49 pm

~gwendolyn's pokemon~

Twitch's Pokemon (WIP) Sandslash Twitch's Pokemon (WIP) Sandslash
Species: Sandslash
Gender: Female
Type: Ground
Height: 3'3"
Weight: 65 Lbs.
Ability: Sand Veil

Moveset: Gyro Ball/Dig/Slash/Poison Sting
Personality: Sabbia is usually serious and doesn't exactly do much in terms of being overly excited or incredibly shy. When out of her Pokeball, she prefers to stay with Gwendolyn and isn't very social. Even though she's not intimidated by other Pokemon, it seems as if she's shy because she'll refuse to move from her trainer's side.


Twitch's Pokemon (WIP) Espeon Twitch's Pokemon (WIP) Espeon
Species: Espeon
Gender: Male
Type: Physic
Height: 2'11"
Weight: 58.4 Lbs.
Ability: Synchronize

Moveset: Last Resort/Power Swap/Psybeam/Future Sight
Personality: Fisici seems like a perfect angel while his trainer is around, and seems to be the favorite Pokemon of Gwen. When not in the sight or presence of his trainer, Fisici will act up and do what he knows he's not supposed to, and when Gwen returns, she refuses to believe that Fisici did anything wrong.


Twitch's Pokemon (WIP) Greninja Twitch's Pokemon (WIP) Greninja-3 Twitch's Pokemon (WIP) Greninja
Species: Greninja
Gender: Female
Type: Water/Dark
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 88.2 Lbs.
Ability: Torrent

Moveset: Water Shuriken/Feint Attack/Shadow Sneak/Spikes
Personality: She's very comfortable around a crowd of both humans and other Pokemon, and she doesn't mind being away from her trainer. When she is with Gwen, though, she'll do anything her trainer says almost the exact second that Gwen tells her to do something, and always likes pleasing Gwen.


The rest is WIP, due to me being lazy. (:
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Twitch's Pokemon (WIP)
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