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 Slak-ing, Slak-out [closed]

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PostSubject: Slak-ing, Slak-out [closed]   Slak-ing, Slak-out [closed] EmptyMon Sep 12, 2016 2:17 am

The wind was rattling, hissing endlessly before wailing between distorted umber trunks, carrying the sickly stink of wood rotting away in a decay that could only be as pathetic as a Dunsparce. Branches swayed back and forth in an ebb and flow, light filtering in and out through the minuscule spaces, shaping new shadows and dark patches in every direction, never the same as the previous moment before or the moment even before that. Motleys of Pokemon scattered in every direction, but the most prominent ones had to be Eevee and its family. In every direction, scampering bundles of brown fluff could be seen, other times, a tan tuft snagged on grizzly emerald hedges. Soil damp with briars and flowerbeds spreading out the celosias in the colors of the sun, and of course, the snow white petals that made up the magnolias the island was so well-known for.

An Emolga ground its teeth into an apricorn, the distinctive hops of Azurills bouncing about across as they shuffled against the detritus, and her ears could register the soothing, ever-calming melodies of a herd of Chimecho were what she had heard a few hours before. A peaceful calm, fitting of the paradise that the region had been made out to be. But that wasn't what was happening now. The undergrowth creaked and groaned in protest as Combees rushed away from the pennroyals, the Chatots squawking away as they fled, and an assortment of others scrambling to flee.

All that had been assigned was to do a simple investigation of the forest, make sure that everything was going well and that nothing was out of the ordinary. That was all that was in the objectives and files that were given to her. They wouldn't have given anything too difficult when a newcomer was around as well.

Yet, once the deafening holler rang into the air, one anyone could identify as a Slaking, the king of the terrains, the big boss, the gigantic ape that nobody should dare angering, it was clear that it wouldn't be all that simple after all. Marian couldn't help it - it was too dangerous to try and bring the newbie along. "Please wait here. I'll be back as soon as I can." She had to check it on her own, as an obligation or duty as the higher-ranked. She had to know what to do and how to properly assess the situation. That was close to an hour or so ago, though. As of the current time, the bumpy ride in a high-speed chase was underway, the giant feline acting as her courier approaching the Slaking after spending so long trying to locate it. What happened after that, she wasn't even sure.

It was a very intelligent Pokemon, the Slaking, even if it was rampant. There were a number of unconscious Eevees lying on the ground, surrounding the clearing, their eyes closed in the fainted state they had been placed in. A deepened snarl sneaked out beside her. They couldn't attack without hurting the other Pokemon still there. She should've been back to Eugene a long time ago. She should've had this settled by now. But, no matter how much her brain racked for ideas, nothing could come to mind, not when her Styler was too weak to quell a creature in a rage as overwhelming as this one. Think, think, think... Don't hurt the other Pokemon. There had to be something she could do to calm it down...! Pulling out her Styler once more, the top flew from the bracelet on her wrist, racing at the speed of light in circles, but a Hammer Arm disrupted the flow as with before. Before the valuable equipment could be damaged even further, she withdrew it.

The frame between the next Hammer Arm and her own movement was little to none. A green forcefield erupted around her, dissipating what could've been a bone-breaking impact. The hexagons that created it fluttered into the air like Jumpluff as soon as they appeared, and her body was sent flying back, a pained cry escaping. Marian had shut her eyes closed, ready to bump into some unsuspecting Pokemon or a tree trunk or anything not remotely human, but instead, someone - a person - had caught her and, by accident, her knee had collided with their chin.

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Slak-ing, Slak-out [closed]
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