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 Sable, Esther S.

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PostSubject: Sable, Esther S.   Sable, Esther S. EmptyFri Sep 09, 2016 7:47 pm

Sable, Esther S. Vor9otp
Full Name: Esther Stella Sable
Age: 13
Birthdate: 03/03

Height: 4'9"
Weight: 89lbs
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black

Hometown: Aconite Island
Current Residence: Sable Manor, Aconite Island
Occupation: N/A
Trainer Tier: Second

Brief History: Although she was born to Sable's Team Leader, she was never too interested in her father's line of work. Rather than partaking, she opted to stand back and watch. Her life's situation never bothered her, and she holds a loyalty to her family and their lackeys, but she herself never wanted to join in on their antics.

At a young age she showed interest in Pokémon contests and their stars. She's an avid fan of any and all contestants. She dreams of joining competitions and making a name for herself, but fears her father's opinion on the matter and keeps her wish hidden from him and any family members she thinks might reveal her secret. Instead of pursuing her dream, she lives a quiet life in the manor, following most orders given to her but never trailing too far from home.

Sable, Esther S. QyGDXHt Summer (Plusle), Plus - F
Entrainment/Thunder/Charm/Thunder Wave

Sable, Esther S. Lg9AzaR Woody (Emolga), Static - M
Volt Switch/Nuzzle/Pursuit/Acrobatics

Battle Box: N/A

Storage: N/A

Sable, Esther S. FuGiIIU Sable, Esther S. TA4HTeE Sable, Esther S. JpQDwCw
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Sable, Esther S. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sable, Esther S.   Sable, Esther S. EmptyFri Sep 09, 2016 8:36 pm

Welcome to the Flora Islands.

Sable, Esther S. 330MSSable, Esther S. 478MSSable, Esther S. 181MSSable, Esther S. 154MSSable, Esther S. 038MSSable, Esther S. 195MS
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Sable, Esther S.
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