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 Tyleca's Characters

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PostSubject: Tyleca's Characters   Thu Sep 08, 2016 4:52 pm

Hailey Lynn Holmes
Name: Hailey Lynn Holman
Age: 13
Hair Color: A light ginger
Eye Color: Icey blue
Height: 5 feet 8 inches (172.72 centimeters)
Weight: 172 lbs

Clothing: She usually wears the Flora Academy uniform and doesnt complain, but she does change what she wears when she leaves the academy. If she were to leave when its cold, she would probably wear a plaid shirt, black pants, black winter boots, and black fingerless gloves on occasion. If she were to leave during the summer, she would wear red shorts, a white or tan tank top, and flip flops.

Likes: Music, reading, the outdoors, The color green, baby pokemon, and swimming
Dislikes: Rude people, being distracted from a good book, bad grades, hot weather, and humid weather

Mother: A popular pokemon groomer at the Orchid Salon
Father: A well known realtor for Mayflower Condominiums
Sibling(s): None

Occupation: Flora Academy Student
Residence: Boards at Flora Academy

History (Up Until Creation): Hailey had a somewhat average childhood for someone who is barely ever seen by most. Her parents were both fairly well off giving her a somewhat easier childhood than most, she was even given all of her pokemon by her parents except for Scarlet. Her mother was one of the somewhat esteemed Pokemon groomers from the Orchid Salon, and her father was a fairly decent realtor that worked for Mayflower Condominiums. With parents in these kinds of careers, much of population in Eden City is familiar with her and her parents, which wasn't a favorable situation for Hailey. Hailey isnt much of a social butterfly, seeing as she spends most of her time with her books or her pokemon. Her parents were concerned for her social status so they decided to send her to Flora Academy with hopes that she'll make friends, along with many other reasons. Hailey is just excited to finally read something other than the books at the Public Library.
Personal Goals And Motivations:

To be class valadictorian
To find out all she can about Pokemon and their potential


Sabrina London ~ acquaintances

Quirks: She finds rain to be very soothing and relaxing
Dialogue Color: #0099ff


Hailey L Holmes
(Tier 1/Flora Academy Student)

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Tyleca's Characters
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