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 Oh where, oh where could my Cleffa be? [Open]

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PostSubject: Oh where, oh where could my Cleffa be? [Open]   Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:36 pm


Allison ran through the throngs of people, her white dress getting splattered with flecks of muddied water as she ran without a care, looking down each and every grimy alleyway to open streets. With every step, her socks squished from within her leather ankle boots but she couldn't stop and risk Clem getting further away. Behind her, just above her shoulder hovered Cait, her gengar, whom looked most unimpressed with his owners flustered calls. He wasn't too fond of the pink fuzzball that liked to try assault him at every chance she got, however he stuck around due to the simple fact that Allison could be stupid at times.

Like now.

Spotting Clem on a lamppost, the silver haired girl ran across the road without bothering to check for cars. "Clem! Get back here! What are yo- Ahh!" Her words were cut off as Cait's body glowed with a purple aura and with a flick of his dark arm, she was flung back onto the sidewalk just in time to avoid being run over. Without much dignity, Allison fell back onto someone, crushing them beneath her as she landed. Her bags opening to spill out an array of friendship items ranging from sodas to soothe bells. "Ah, um, sorry?"


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PostSubject: Re: Oh where, oh where could my Cleffa be? [Open]   Sun Sep 11, 2016 11:29 pm

Theodore had made a mistake. Walking down the streets of Eden City, his eyes were focused on the timid Deerling at his side. In an attempt to get his poor Pokemon used to the crowd of people, they were walking down the streets of Eden City on a day that there weren't many people. It didn't stop Clover from however sticking as close as she could to his feet, making it hard to walk without tripping over his young starter. Then, he had taken noticed of a Cleffa on a lamppost across the street. He had paused for just a second - time for a silver-haired girl to brush past him into the street, only to be quickly thrown backwards by a force as a car whizzed past. Only she was thrown straight into him.

He heard a small noise of terror from Clover as the Deerling hopped out of the way as Theodore was sent crashing to the ground. Pain flashed though him as items spilled from the girl's bag, cluttering the ground around him and making it ever so slightly hard to force himself upright as he tried not to crush the items. Sodas, bells...All sorts of knickknacks were around him as he glared at the girl as she apologized - a not very earnest one as it sounded more like a question then anything. He sighed as Clover quickly hopped to his side, nuzzling him softly in an attempt to make sure he was aright while trying to stay on the opposite side of Theodore then the girl that had crushed him. He shook his head in annoyance. "I would hope you would be sorry after something like that," he muttered as he stoked Clover's head, reassuring the young Deerling that he was alright.

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Oh where, oh where could my Cleffa be? [Open]
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