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 Badger's Trainer(s)

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PostSubject: Badger's Trainer(s)   Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:56 pm

Name: Theodore Stefan Ronan
Dialog color: #009966
Nicknames: Theo, Teddy (He doesn’t like being called that thought)
Age: 16
Birthday: December 13
Home City: Opelucid City of Uvona
Current Residence: Flora Academy
Occupation: Student
Trainer Tier: Tier one
Height: 5'3"
Weight:147 lbs.
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
History: Born in Opelucid City to a local famous family of trainers (thus being they aren't well known outside the city.) He always got what he wanted as he grew up and was expected to carry his family's legacy. Made little true friends but were on good terms with his two younger siblings. Went to the Opelucid Academy but in a desire to see something or perhaps even be something else then what his parents wanted, he convinced them to allow him to go to the Flora Academy, taking along a young Deerling that his younger sister had picked out for him.

His Parents - It seems that Theodore's relationship with his parents are not the best, but its hard to tell as he refuses to talk about them.
Calya and Basil Ronan - Theodore's little siblings, Theodore has a rather good relationship with them. Calya, his sister is age 10 while Basil, his brother, is age 5.

Other Students
Cara Dempsey - ???
Lukas Jacobs - ???
Samuel Tiedoll - ???
Gayle York - ???
Markamy Wiynell - ???
Allison Sinclair - ???


His Pokémon
Clover - His starter and (currently) only Pokémon, he received Clover from an egg that his sister Calya help picked out when he was trying to decide on what Pokémon he wanted to get to bring with him to the Flora Academy. While on his lonesome, he can be rather sweet to the young Deerling, when around other people he seems to act as if he doesn't care for Clover that much and wishes for a stronger Pokemon. The reason for this attitude change is unknown...At this time.

Theodore's Topic Timeline
(Will update whenever Theodore enters a new topic. Serves to keep paradoxes from happening)
1. Blood and Roses (Ongoing) - Takes place shortly after Theodore's first arrival at the Flora Islands. (Meets Cara for the first time)
2. Relaxing in the Shade (Ongoing) - A few days (I guess) after Blood and Roses. Enough time for him to settle in but he still has yet to really meet other people. (Meets Lukas, Sam, Gayle and Markamy for the first time)
3. Oh where, oh where could my Cleffa be? (Ongoing) - Shortly after Relaxing in the Shade, Theodore is attempting to get Clover used to people...Only for somebody to be thrown into him. Great. (Meets Allison for the first time)
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Badger's Trainer(s)
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