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 Love, Marian R.

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PostSubject: Love, Marian R.   Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:09 pm

Full Name: Marian Rose Love
Age: 16
Birthdate: June 11th

Height: 5'3" | 160 cm
Weight: 101 lb | 46 kg
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: Light Pink

Hometown: Floaroma Town, Sinnoh
Current Residence: Ranger Union HQ, Chestnut Island
Occupation: Mid-Low Ranked Pokemon Ranger
Trainer Tier: Two

Brief History: Blessed with a rather uneventful childhood, both of Marian's parents were humble but renowned gardeners within Floaroma Town, especially known for their expertise in Gracidea Flowers. They were very cultured and kind people while retaining a supportive and loving atmosphere. As a child, she was taught what she was required to know with a very humble mindset and to be open to others and to always try to do the right thing; most of all, it was to be thankful to others whenever she received their assistance, no matter how small the favor would be. Not much happened, and she never strayed very far from home. The one moment Marian did however, she had rescued a Shinx who would become her lifelong partner. At the age of ten, like most trainers, she began her journey and received a wide eye-opener on how big the world truly was. Upon arriving at Jubilife City, she had numerous encounters with a handful of motley and slightly less welcome citizens. Although she won several gym badges and found a hobby in baking Poffins for the various Pokemon and Coordinators she met when travelling throughout Sinnoh and Kalos, it all come to a close once one of her former acquaintances dared her to attempt to steal one of the Eternia Gym Leader's Pokemon, convincing her that it would be worth it to win the approval of such a famous Pokemon when it came to her delicacy. Caught in the act, her trainer's license was taken away from her, and her dream was crushed. All of her Pokemon except for her Luxio were transferred to Professor Rowan's Lab. In an attempt to redeem herself for her misdeeds, she chose to become a Pokemon Ranger at the age of 13, attending an academy before being officially promoted. A year after becoming a fully-fledged Ranger, she was transferred to the Flora Islands when they found themselves in need of more members to counteract the growing criminal activity.

1. Lux (Luxray), Guts - M
Electric Terrain/Protect/Discharge/Ice Fang

Battle Box:

1. Rosie (Roserade), Natural Cure - F
Mega Drain/Solar Beam/Poison Jab/Attract

2. Earl (Gallade), Steadfast - M
Swords Dance/Close Combat/Shadow Sneak/Zen Headbutt

3. Toki (Togekiss), Serene Grace - M
Nasty Plot/Air Slash/Roost/Heal Bell

4. Noir (Dusknoir), Pressure - F
Sucker Punch/Earthquake/Ice Punch/Pursuit

5. Vivi (Vivillon), Compound Eyes - F
Quiver Dance/Hurricane/Sleep Powder/Energy Ball

6. Nemo (Sliggoo), Sap Sipper - M
Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Muddy Water/Bide

7. Rama (Amaura), Refrigerate - F
Powder Snow/Aurora Beam/Ancient Power/Take Down

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PostSubject: Re: Love, Marian R.   Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:25 pm

Welcome to the Flora Islands.

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Love, Marian R.
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