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 Cross, Ellen A.

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Cross, Ellen A. LRywzw6
Full Name: Ellen Aria Cross
Age: 14
Birthdate: November 5

Height: 4'10"
Weight: 99 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Hometown: Olivine City, Johto
Current Residence: Flora Academy, Eden Island
Occupation: Flora Academy student
Trainer Tier: Three

Brief History: The heir of the once-distinguished Cross battling family, which over the past century, has unraveled at the seams after a long string of failures and humiliations. Today, the bloodline has taken a hard tumble from high society, and the Cross name is a laughing stock among other families of repute. By Ellen's generation, the Crosses are at the end of their rope, with no male heir, a crippled social standing, and little wealth to their name. Allen Cross, the family patriarch and protective of his lineage's legacy, 'exiled' the disgraceful Ellen to the Flora Islands as a young girl, where she's lived on her own ever since.

Cross, Ellen A. 330MS Flygon, Levitate - M
Earthquake/Flamethrower/Dragon Claw/Roost

Cross, Ellen A. 478MS Froslass, Cursed Body - F
Shadow Ball/Ice Beam/Psychic/Thunderbolt

Cross, Ellen A. 181MS Ampharos, Static - M
Thunderbolt/Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Brick Break

Cross, Ellen A. 154MS Meganium, Overgrow - F
Petal Blizzard/Giga Drain/Earthquake/Return

Cross, Ellen A. 038MS Ninetales, Flash Fire - F
Flamethrower/Extrasensory/Dark Pulse/Energy Ball

Cross, Ellen A. 195MS Quagsire, Water Absorb - M
Muddy Water/Earthquake/Ice Beam/Sludge Wave
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Cross, Ellen A.
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