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 Lily of the Valley

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PostSubject: Lily of the Valley   Thu Aug 25, 2016 6:29 am

Full Name: Unknown, known as 'Lily'
Age: Around 18
Birthdate: Unknown

Height: Around 5'5"
Weight: Around 120 lbs
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Silver

Hometown: Unknown
Current Residence: Unknown, thought to be somewhere in Thistle Valley or Magnolia Forest
Occupation: Infamous bandit and terrorist
Trainer Tier: Three

Brief History: A mysterious and dangerous figure that captured the public imagination after she began a campaign of major attacks several years prior. Little is known about her. In her earliest days of notoriety, Iris TV reporters dubbed her 'the lily,' a name which has lingered in news broadcasts ever since.

1. Drifblim, Aftermath - M
Shadow Ball/Thunderbolt/Acrobatics/Explosion

2. Gardevoir, Trace - F
Psychic/Moonblast/Shadow Ball/Calm Mind

3. Lucario, Justified - M
Close Combat/Dragon Pulse/Aura Sphere/Blaze Kick

4. Lilligant, Leaf Guard - F
Quiver Dance/Synthesis/Petal Blizzard/Toxic

5. Ninetales, Drought - F
Flamethrower/Dark Pulse/Energy Ball/Extrasensory

6. Greninja, Protean - M
Ice Beam/Night Slash/Water Shuriken/Grass Knot
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Lily of the Valley
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