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 About the Training Fields

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About the Training Fields Empty
PostSubject: About the Training Fields   About the Training Fields EmptyMon Sep 05, 2016 5:16 am

About the Training Fields IgPIM2D
Extending away from behind the school, long and open fields designed for students to train alongside their Pokémon.

Examples of Equipment, Tracks, & Tests
Rows of rounded targets
Beds of hot coals
An autonomous security system in the shape of a metal rod that will try and zap anything that comes nearby
Wooden and steel beams jutting out of the earth of varied weight and thickness
Typical gym equipment, such as training weights and straw dummies
A mud pit that acts like quicksand, capable of sucking shorter students up to their chin
Unbalanced stone pillars that act as high up platforms
Blocks of special gel designed to mimic the constituencies of flesh
A looming rock wall that dominates the field
Various military-grade obstacle courses
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About the Training Fields
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